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About Wnext

... for growth and quality in life and in business.

Wnext is an international coaching and consulting agency for personal growth & process automation, performing process approached trainings in Russia, Germany and Turkey.

Our clients and partners benefits by our primary focus on the core growth drivers

  1. PEOPLE; efficient change by using NLP™- techniques and mental fitness

  2. PROCESS; for competitive advantages by process automation and continuous improvement.

  3. NETWORK; sustainable key account structure to ensure growth in the rapidly changing international markets.

All services are optimized through continuous improvements and adapted to the increasing quality standards or growth requirements. Wnext has implemented a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015.

With commitment for compliance, discretion, firm principles and ethics, such as fairness and social responsibility, Wnext is dedicated to the community in international trade in Russia, Germany and Turkey to deliver sustainable and exclusive values.

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