Rifat Cicek


  • Top Management since 2000

  • 3 comprehensive international logistics software projects managed (DE/TR)

  • 3 Quality management systems developed and implemented (DE/TR)

  • 3 global player logistics processes restructured (RU/DE/KZ)

  • 5 SME logistics processes restructured (DE/TR/IT/FR/HU)

  • 10 local key-account-management networks implemented

My name is Rifat Cicek, born 1973 in Munich, Germany. I became expert in Business Development of Supply Chain, in IT as well as process management by having leaded major projects during my career and being top manager in Germany, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Russia. In 1989 I entered into logistics in my birth-city Munich, were the longer period of my career I've been active for a medium sized family- organisation. Over the last 7 years I’ve been effective for a top global logistics provider in Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia. Having a bachelor degree of transport and logistics by DIHK Berlin, I were been effective in functions like COO, General Director or Area Manager CIS, and gained a wide range of experiences about processes chains among Supply Chain.


In the business communities my friends know me as the „Bavarian Turk in Moscow“, as well as speaker, moderator or initiator of business events. Over the years, I leaded people to growth and success with passion of sharing. The contribution to satisfaction as well as simply the smile on their faces, became some of the main drivers on the way to invest in an international training enterprise based in Moscow. By 2019 I followed the call of passion and decided to professionally focus on People Development, Process Excellence and Strategic Networking.


When I first became in touch with NLP in 2001 it leaded into fascination and studied it years later in Germany to became finally in 2019, Licensed Trainer of NLP by The Society of Neuro- Linguistic- Programming™ in Orlando/ United States of America, personally certified through the co-founder Dr. Richard Bandler. 


Additionaly to NLP™; getting international certified lead auditor (IRCA) for quality management systems according to ISO 9001:2015 by Bureau Veritas in Frankfurt/ Germany, rounded off the process- oriented portfolio for the coaching & consulting enterprise. 


The ideas, especially the brain-friendly learning and teaching approach of German Management Trainer, Mrs. Vera F. Birkenbihl (rip) leaded to passion on the process of creating structures and are firmly anchored within the methodology of Wnext.

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