Declaration of Principles on Artificial Intelligence

  1. Wnext is committed to GDPR compliance and will only use data on the explicit request and for the specific purpose of the client.

  2. Wnext relies on applied artificial intelligence (applied AI) as intelligent agents to efficiently perform specific individual tasks while evaluating large amounts of data to achieve certain important goals.

  3. Wnext excludes the research or promotion of strong artificial intelligence (strong AI) in general and in principle.

  4. Wnext strives to liberate employees from repetitive and time-consuming routine tasks in order to enable growth. 

  5. Wnext facilitates personal change with the help of Neuro- Linguistic- Programming™ and promotes individual strengths such as conscious perception, creativity, empathy, solidarity or responsibility.

  6. The algorithms serve human benefit, through health, economic, scientific, transparent, social, equal and comfort advantages.

  7. The algorithms are structured in transparent flow patterns and must be reconstructable for the persons in charge.

  8. The basic values, principles and specifications defined by the client's top management will be implemented in the algorithms as fixed components.