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Good evening,

I want to welcome my friend and highly appreciated expert in Global Consumer Products sector, Mr. Ahmed Hassan, within the Advisory Board members. I believe with him, we extend our consulting capabilities onto serious dimensions, especially on global consumer products sector.

Ahmed Hassan were former CEO for ColPal in Russia for many years.

He is a high impact performer possessing a wealth of international business with 30 years of experience with Colgate Palmolive; focusing on turnaround situations, with a track record of driving double digit sales growth and profitability. His career has seen him recognized and rewarded for his strong problem solving skills and attention to detail. He has consistently tackled larger and more complex challenges needing and led them to a successful transformation. He fully understands the current climate and how to drive change through; people management, strategically planning routes to market, driving e-commerce and digital growth.

For free fact-finding call, reach us out via contact form!

Welcome Ahmed Hassan agah!

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