Find other glasses!

Did you too got tired about the "new normal" talks?

You maybe know the moment, when you just passed a discussion and right after it, you just remembered the perfect comment to give; but too late ... damn, right?! ))

Unfortunately, I am neurologically slow (Easy! Einstein, Birkenbihl and others were too),

so those moments I have a lot.

I recently had some conversations you may recognize similar. An over the holidays I collected some proper quotes to use for next time... ;)

"Situation tastes really bitter …"

"If life presenting you lemons, ask for tequila and salt!"

- from a new-year-mailing

"Nothing is normal anymore …"

"'Normal' is the brother of half-dead and the sister of boring."

- Hermann Scherer (German Speaker Guru)

"It looks like everything is getting worse …"

"Does it matter, whether the glas is half empty or half full? Find the other glasses!"

- NLP Mindset

"I'm trying and trying …"

"Trying is not enough! Give full, and life is a beach. Give half, and life is a bitch!"

- Herman Scherer

"Don't wanna know, what would people think about me? …"

"How can you help them with that? What others think about you, that is not your problem."

- German saying

"Why everytime me? …"

"Because life is giving and taking! So take me and give it to me!"

- German drinking slogan :)

I wish, by starting today: You will rock 2021 !

Make it happen!



Btw. I appreciate the feedbacks for the recent postings. Thank you!

Any feedbacks are welcome and will be considered for improvement.

In case, you don't like the postings, please let me know as well (!

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