it's ... time!

“What? It’s already 5 pm? … How? I even didn’t went for lunch”.

Does this sound familiar to your ears?

Does it happen maybe to your team members or even to yourself?

“80% of our worries are useless and only 20% for real important things.”

This statement is by Vera F. Birkenbihl (RIP), when she performed a “worries”-study since 1986 by interviewing more than 30.000 participants of her top-management seminars.

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg said once:

“One should never have so much to do that one has no time left to think.”

In fact, today we have a different picture:

“Just 4 minutes a c-level top-manager has daily free for pro-active decisions without being interrupted.”

This main indicator is based on a Holmes Study performed in 2018 between top 400 enterprises in US and UK with employees 100K +.

On the other side, Leonardo da Vinci said once …:

“Time lingers long enough for the one who wants to use it.”

Some years later another genius mentioned:

“If you sit with a pretty girl for two hours, you think it's one minute.

However, if you sit on a hot stove for one minute, you think it is two hours.”

Albert Einstein

Dr. Richard Bandler, the genius behind NLP™ (Neuro- Linguistic- Programming™), also discovered …: “There is no long or short time, it’s just how we perceive and label time in different context”.

Did you know, there is one big lie in every nation or culture used and is similarly expressed:

“I don’t have time”. The truth is, if there is one thing all human being are on the same play field is, it’s time …

The top economic leaders are making difference by taking charge of it.

I wish you to stay in charge about your time!

Make it happen!



Releasing time for “creative processing” is the strategy of the Process-Screening-Methodology by Wnext. In case you are interested running a test on your business processes, click the link below:

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