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NLP Intro online training: Reframing

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Calvin: "Mother, why am I blind?" Mother: "You were born that way Calvin, it's nobody's fault." Calvin: "Why me?!" Mother: "I don't know, Calvin, maybe you were chosen for something else." Calvin: "How can I learn anything if I can't see?!" Mother: "You can see Calvin, you only use your hands instead of your eyes." Calvin: "I can't even see your face?!" Mother: "You can see with your hands, see through my voice and feel through the air." Calvin Stanley later rides a bicycle, plays baseball, goes to school. He became a programmer and wrote computer programs for visually impaired children. Calvin's mother Ethel Stanley was a born master of reframing…

(From an article in the Baltimore Sun back in May 1984) Reframing is one of the basic NLP™ techniques. We base NLP reframing on the idea that all meaning depends on your point of view. When we change the frame we change the meaning and with it our responses and behaviors. For instance if someone goes to a party dressed as a skeleton the meaning is different depending on whether it is Halloween or a funeral. My response to someone slipping on a banana skin is different as an observer than as a victim. Reframing is not new. Many fables and fairy tales include behaviors change their meaning when the frames changes. In sales negotiations or persuasion engineering reframing technics apply as well. In fact, any effective change process has effected by reframing. On our next NLP™ Intro online training we will get a brief insight about reframing and will do some exercises. Ready to join? Proceed registration by choosing the slot link below!  The training will be in English. Register NLP™ Intro online training: Reframing: Day: Wednesday, 22.04.2020 15:00 h 19:00 h

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