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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

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Let me tell you a story: In 2005 I was in charge for a logistics- IT- project for approx. 200+ users over 5 countries in 5 different languages. It was the 3rd process related project in my career. The big challenge was not only cross-border-multilingual process optimization or just new logistics application, but switching to a totally new environment from MS-DOS to MS Windows operating system. The intensity was possibly the reason why I found no time over months for getting a haircut :-). For our users, MS-DOS was simple and safe zone. MS Windows was mystic like a box of pandora. The most were afraid about the unknown environment.  I remember one special colleague, Josef, an almost retired and resisting unique character. He went all the time: „das geht so nicht“ (it doesn’t work this way) or „das ist alles nicht so einfach“ (it‘s not that easy going), etc. etc.. He drew horror- scenarios about what happens, if we change the operating system and according to him would been better to just keep it as it is. 

When today having discussions and reading about AI Automation articles, it is like having flashbacks. The present processing is again safe zone and automation like box of pandora.  In 2005 the first step we took were been de- mystifying by drawing a transparent landscape of process- chains. That way we won support by users. 6 months later Josef became a super- user. He became lovely arrogant when presenting his colleagues, how efficient he manages the new application and how much time he was saving. Today, Artificial Intelligence can be transparent and applicable for the most, to enable growth for all parties. It can already start with process robots on desktop computers by reasonable invest. Rifat Cicek

February 2020

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