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Process News by Wnext 03-20

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

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Let me tell you a story: Most of you will know the painting of Leonardo da Vinci: "The Last Supper". There is a legend about the painting process, which reminds on some level the situations we have today ... In 1495, da Vinci is in Milan. He gets the order from his duke Ludovico Sforza to do the painting. Da Vinci was faced with a challenge as he drew all his characters from living models, like people he met personally. Anyhow, within a few months the painting is mostly finished, but the two main characters are missing: The good in Jesus in the center and the evil and traitorous in Judas.

One day Leonardo goes into a church, he sits down and watches the people in the choir sing as he suddenly recognizes a young man. Even seeing him from distance he recognizes soft features and very gentle eyes. When the ceremony is over, he goes to the young man and initiates him.  The young man agrees, they go to the atelier and this is how Jesus is drawn. Three years pass by...  The duke becomes impatient and increases pressure on him: "finish the painting!" And da Vinci is desperate, because no matter where he looks, he just can't find suitable characters or models for his Judas. One day, he is walking in a forest when he notices a figure in the ditch on the left. As he gets closer he is seeing a man, unkempt, unshaven, clearly stinking of alcohol. As soon as he turns the man around, Leonardo immediately knows: this is my Judas. He recognises selfish, egoistic eyes and facial features that are plagued by suffering and pain. Since the man is not responsive, Leonardo orders his helpers to carry the man to the atelier.  

Being in hurry, Leonardo immediately begins painting and while he approaches the last brush stroke, the drunken man returns to consciousness. He looks around and notices the painting.  He then says, "Ah, I know this painting". So da Vinci says, "You dummy, nobody knows that painting!" But he goes: "oh yes yes, I know the painting. I've been here before... "

"... about couple of years ago. You drew the man in the middle of me. But then some tragedy happened to me and my life turned into a completely different direction." Well, as the legend delivers, life does not go as planned always, but, regardless of what happens on the outside, it is up to us how we respond inside and act later. This is related to how we process given informations especially today, and prepare ourselves for the period after the crisis. Our today newsletter is dedicated for the crisis by the corona-virus with primary focus on some constructive questions: 1. How to design your personal "corona-changes"? 2. How to get your processes ready for the post-corona-age?

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