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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

... the bigger picture on the next normal ...

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1. Covid-19 Playbook Consumer Products 

2. The rise of contact-free economy 

3. Prevent Covid-19 by data science and machine learning

4. NLP Training: Reframing

Let me tell you a story: During my time in Istanbul, my former boss and eternal mentor had brought once a legend to the best for the board of directors. It tells of a vizier in Bolu in the medieval Ottoman Empire.

The vizier of Bolu wants to do sea trade and seeks advice from a master shipbuilder. He publishes the request in the community with the question what is needed for a trading ship. He instructs his assistants to select three masters from the applicants and invite them to his palace. As the first appears he presents him a list. Vizier: "How much room is planned for the supplies?" Master 1: "My vizier, that depends on where the journey is planned to be." The Vizier thanks him and sends him home.

The second one appears the next day and presents a list. Vizier: "How much room is planned for the trade goods?" Master 2: "My vizier, that depends on what goods are being traded." Again the Vizier thanks him and sends him home.

The third appears the day after and rolls out a sketch with a large ship and asks for the floor: "You, my vizier, want to earn a lot of money in maritime trade and must adapt to changing demands for goods over many years. Therefore the space for supplies can be changed according to the goods and the destination. The well-being of the crew is ensured by a large cabin. There is also an armoury for security purposes. These rooms can also be adjusted for other purposes."

The master additionaly presents him a list and a schedule for the construction of the ship. The Vizier smiles contentedly and calls his treasurer to him... The legend delivers a story about seeing the bigger picture and having the options gathered. Nowadays pointing out processes which are critical and what parameters to set when decision points has reached, became more crucial. When returning business to productive within "the next normal", additional prevention criterias and many lessons-learned must be integrated. The selected articles below consists qualified informations like, emergency teams, safety measures, office presence and quality management. During quarantine, it is the right moment for re-considering structures. The bigger picture of "the next normal" can be a documented process-landscape among all divisions screening indicators of emergency teams and safety risks. The process-landscape as well can enable agile and stable decisions for achieving efficiency by saving man-hours. is performing process-related coaching and consulting with primary focus on saving man-hours by 3D approach: A) Process Automation (RPA/ RDA) and extended Artificial Intelligence Applications B) Team Efficiency (NLP™ change- strategies, communication- models) C) Continous Improvements Process (QMS) It starts by drawing a process-landscape based on corporate documentation and cross-functional with key divisions including IT, QM and HR. Ready to talk? Reach us out by our contact form or by email!

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