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Stay cool ...

The German Institute for brain-friendly-working, founded by Vera F. Birkenbihl, has performed a study across Germany, Austria and Switzerland with over 20K seminar- participants since 1986 and analysed how people spending their time for worrying:

20% about important things

18% about banal minors

28% about unchangeable facts

34% about probabilities which anyway won't happen

Practically 80% of their time was wasted for non-important things?!

I remember one remarkable scene in the movie by Steven Spielberg "Bridge of Spies" with Tom Hanks. The character he played, Robert Donovan is asking Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance),

Robert: "do you never worry?"

Rudolf: "Would it help?"

Additionally, many CEO's and leaders are efficiently managing worries by questioning ... :

2. Is it worth?

3. What is the worrying limit?

You possibly also heard phrases like: "Ok, I have max. 5 minutes to drive crazy about this ..." Putting a strict worrying-limit is an efficient strategy used on top- management level.

How do you manage your worries?

I hope this thoughts will be useful for you someday and somewhere... and don't forget:

Stay cool: In a hundred years, nobody cares. :-)

Make it happen

Rifat Cicek